Cornerstone Co‚Äčllege

of Healthcare and Business 

Cornerstone College

Scholarship Program

In March 2012, Cornerstone College of Healthcare and Business has launched a Scholarship Program. That following June, fourteen Education Scholarships were given to fourteen deserving students. Each scholarship included tuition for a Personal Support Worker Program, including books, uniforms and clinical practice. All fourteen students graduated in December of the same year and found jobs in their field.

The goal for Cornerstone College is to give opportunity to those who have a passion for helping others. Through this Scholarship Program, Cornerstone is able to help those struggling to support their families, make ends meet or aren't financially capable of sending themselves to school to further their education and secure a better job.

Chosen applicants will get the following for free:

  • Tuition Fee - $2,830
  • Uniform - $30
  • Book - $320
  • 50% off Workshop Fees

To qualify for a scholarship, you must identify with one of the following:

  1. Currently in Canada under the live-in caregiver program and have a valid work permit
  2. Living in Canada as an immigrant and working under 40 hours per week 
  3. Currently supporting your family back home as the primary source of income
  4. Looking for a career change and possess a positive personality and outstanding work ethic - Must have two supporting references

To apply for a scholarship or for more information please call 416-398-2191.